December 13, 2018

SnoHub App Connects Homeowners With People Who Clear Snow

Posted in by Caitlin Burchill

SALT LAKE CITY — During Wednesday's snowfall, some Utahns willing to do a little manual labor made money with a new app called SnoHub.

Many people are looking to make an extra buck or two with a side gig. SnoHub is like Lyft or Uber for snow.

You can request removal or make some cash clearing for others.

Michael Zalewski is an arborist by trade, but in the winter, things slow down.

"I can't climb trees when they're full of snow — it's kind of scary," he said laughing.

So for now, the owner of The Urban Arborist is focusing on snow removal. He signed up to be a contractor for SnoHub.

"They just have a whole criteria of walkways, sidewalks, driveways," Zalewski said.

Wednesday was his first time trying it out after a client told him about it. The app informed him of a driveway job in Draper.

"I have contracts through the winter, just private contracts for people, which takes a lot more work for me really to do to set up. I have to get paperwork, I have to meet them and then I wait for it to snow, while here I get a notification and I go to the job," said Zalewski.

According to SnoHub's creator, contractors get 70 percent of the customer's payment.

"(It's) just an easy way to pick up some money and we didn't get too much snow, so it wasn't too much labor for me," said Zalewski.

For less than an hour, he made about $60. Not the cheapest option for a homeowner, but a simple solution to find someone else to clear your snow.

"It's really simple. It just cuts down a lot of the work on my end too," he said.

Prices start around $40 and increase depending on the length of your driveway and if you add extras.

You can download the app on your smartphone to order or start shoveling.

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