Contractors: Extra Income for Contractors with the NEW SnoHub.

Work as much as you want when you want. SnoHub automatically keeps track of every job and transaction for you, so you can focus on doing what you love doing… making more money.

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Easy-to-use interfaces on every platform

Join SnoHub NOW If You Have:

Truck and Plow Truck and Plow

Truck and Plow

Snow Blower Snow Blower

Snow Blower

Shovel Shovel

Snow Shovel

How does it work


Download the FREE app and enter your details


Select the services you can provide: Snow plow, blowers, hand shoveling, salting


You will be able to see jobs on your cell within your area. This can be extended if you want to cover a larger area.


You must complete all registration questions to become an approved contractor and also to make sure you get paid quickly.


Data needed for day-to-day operations are kept secure.

Key Benefits

The SnoHub mobile dashboard allows contractors to follow an easy flow from initial order acceptance right through job completion. Contractors will know how much they will earn before accepting the job.

Additionally, contractors will know exactly what to do on each job and can communicate directly with customers through the SnoHub app. SnoHub helps contractors work smarter, faster, and more efficiently which will drive earning potential to enjoy life with the people that matter.

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24-hour support

SnoHub offers 24-hour contractor support before, during and after snow events.

SnoHub Services

SnoHub provides marketing, administration and customer service.

Weather system

Contractors can follow the storms.

User Friendly Platform

Contractors can work when they are able to, and turn the app off when they want to rest.

PREMIUM Level Available

Become a PREMIUM contractor and get paid 30% extra on PREMIUM jobs. Click here to learn how!

Get paid in 4 days directly into your bank account


Frequently asked questions

SnoHub gives you peace of mind and ease of use - it makes your life easier by automating snow removal.

Why not? You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! No more phone calls, no chasing payment, no marketing we do it all for you.
SnoHub has developed an App to help you earn more income, help you work more efficiently it's that plain and simple! Over the past 3 years we have created the best platform for all residential snow clearing needs. Whether you are an experienced snow removal contractor or want to jump into the industry to make money during the winter - SnoHub is the answer.
Last winter we could not meet homeowners' demands. We have the customers and need you to partner with us to meet the demand. Joining SnoHub is a WIN WIN situation.

SnoHub provides complete flexibility allowing contractors to accept jobs on their own schedule, providing more freedom to choose when and where they want to work.

SnoHub pays its contractors within 3-4 business days. Money is paid for each and every job directly into your bank account, making payment a breeze. The real question is, if you want more work, why not use SnoHub?

SnoHub contractors do not need commercial insurance for residential snow clearing services. For Snow Plow only contractor's you will need basic liability insurance.