Cloudy with 100% Chance of Snow

Don't get stuck in the snow. With SnoHub, you don't have to wait until it's too late. Now, you can book your snow clearing in advance of a storm using the new and improved mobile app. No longer necessary to book a season in advance get snow clearing on demand and only pay for the services you want.

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Easy-to-use interfaces on every platform

How does it work

24-hour call center before, during and after the storm.


Download the FREE app and enter your service location


Tap the app button to order snow clearing services


Real Time "Geo Location" provides ETA to your location.


Snow clearing services always available, no phone calls to make using the SnoHub App!


Your snow removal contractor will acknowledge your request and proceed to your service address.


Contractor will take before and after photos of all service areas, once complete your job will be marked as done and credit card charged- it's that simple.

Key Benefits

The ordering and fulfillment process is convenient. ‘In-progress' service requests are managed in the app.

Feel confident placing orders now with full control. After the job is completed, you can review before and after photos, to ensure the job was done properly, (even when you're not in town.)

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Pricing before the order

Pricing is shown before the order is placed. The pricing structure is clear and understandable.

24-hour support

SnoHub offers 24-hour customer support before, during and after snow events.

Secure and scale

Data is stored in the Amazon Cloud, which is scalable and secure.

Bank security

Credit cards are held by Stripe - providing bank level security. SnoHub has no access to this data.

Weather system

A real-time weather system provides expected snow depth levels before, during and after the snow event.

Correct workflow

The app workflow helps contractors do the job properly. Notes left while working help future contractors do the job better.

Remembering of preferences

SnoHub remembers customer preferences and job history.

Cards scanning

Customers can now scan credit cards on the app using the phone's camera.

Before & After

Before After

Frequently asked questions

SnoHub gives you peace of mind and ease of use - it makes your life easier by automating snow removal.

SnoHub requires all contractors to submit a valid insurance document when they sign up for the app.

Once you input the address for snow removal you simply enter your credit card information and receive a confirmation BEFORE of how much it will cost. We take before and after photos of the job. Once the job is complete the Stripe secure payment system does the rest by charging your credit card! Simple and easy payment!

The beauty of SnoHub is that there is NO contract required! Simply order snow removal ‘On Demand' through the SnoHub app and the SnoHub contractors will do the rest.

You will be sent a photo of the driver and you can track him by GPS on your cell to get an ETA. If you choose Premium Service you can choose a time.

We have a call center to answer any questions you have before, during and after a storm.

Clear driveway, walkways, sidewalk, other areas plus applying salt.

NO MORE winter contracts order the time and day when you want your snow cleared - pay only when you want snow cleared.