• Download the app and enter your information
  • Tap the app button to order snow clearing services
  • Real Time “Geo Location” provides estimated arrival at your home
  • Snow clearing services always available, no phone calls to make using our App!
  • When you’re ready to order a plow, set your home address location and tap request.
  • Your snow removal professional will acknowledge your request and proceed to your address.
  • You will see a picture of your driver and truck on his way to you.
  • You will be shown the estimated cost for the job
  • Any adjustment to the estimate cost, due to higher snow levels, will be sent to you before we start the job to get your approval.
  • SnoHub will confirm your plow with a text
  • Contractor will take a picture of your driveway before and after the job is complete, this will be sent to you then your card is charged – it’s that simple.


What can be easier all from the comfort of your home…