The ABC's of Simple Pricing…

  • No Surprises Guarantee: SnoHub has taken the mystery and guesswork out of pricing.
  • Customers only pay for exact services they order.
  • SnoHub back's up pricing with verified photos every step of the way!
  • No more contractors banging on your door asking for cash or have the annoyance of leaving a check taped to your door for your landscaper!
  • No more trying to figure out an invoice sent to you in the Spring about services done in the middle of Winter!
  • SnoHub calculates price using several algorithms with a baseline price for each service request, location and equipment required.
  • Variables such as driveway length, snow depth, type of service requested and zip code determine the best price.
  • Additional charges may apply based on a contractor's suggestions or from customer requests while the job is still in progress. All pricing is transparent and given to homeowners in advance.
The ABC's of Simple Pricing

How does the Pricing Work?


Customers can choose the areas around their property where they want snow removed


Customers choose the type of service they want such as: plowing; clearing walkways, sidewalks, de-icing


Pricing is determined by location, length of driveway and depth of snow


Options - Clearing walkways, sidewalk, de-icing.


Salt spreading to all areas (driveways and walkways)


Easy to use drop down menu to select the areas you want cleared


The price for work will be shown BEFORE you accept the job


Simply tick OK and we are on our way


Any driveway that is not marked properly runs a higher risk of damage


SnoHub is not responsible for any damage on property that is not marked - Special Offer: Snow Markers! Click here to learn more.


Ordering and managing your request is done through our app!