Snow Removal Contractors

  • Simply download the app to your phone.
  • Home Owners can request snow clearing in advance or during the storm.
  • Contractors can quickly identify jobs in their area, so be sure to keep your cell phone service app on!
  • SnoHub automatically keeps track of every job and transaction
  • Plow jobs will be offered to you through the SnoHub App on your cell phone. If you want the job say ok and we will send you the location all tracked by GPS.
  • Drive to customers home take a picture of driveway when you arrive with a ruler, which we provide, inserted into the snow to show the snow depth and send it immediately to SnoHub
  • Wait for confirmation from SnoHub to start the job then plow the driveway
  • Take another picture when job is finished to show job is “complete”
  • Get paid automatically in 7 days directly into your bank account.
  • Register NOW to become a snow removal contractor for SnoHub

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