SnoHub Has Revolutionized Snow Clearing to Help Contractors Earn More Money.

  • Simply download the FREE app to your phone and enter your information
  • Home Owners will request snow clearing services
  • Contractors can quickly identify jobs in their area and accept the jobs they want
  • SnoHub automatically keeps track of every job and transaction on your cell phone
  • Accept a job and we will send you the location all tracked by GPS.
  • Drive to customers home and take a picture of driveway and other areas to be cleared.
  • Wait for confirmation from SnoHub to start the job then start clearing snow
  • Take another picture when job is finished to show job is “complete”
  • Get paid automatically in 7 days directly into your bank account.
  • No invoicing, or chasing customers for $$

New to the Snow Clearing business? 
Want to be a snow clearing contractor?
Snohub captures important personal and financial data which is securely stored by Stripe and AWS.  Snohub has NO access to this data. This information is necessary to ensure payment to contractors and to issue necessary tax forms each year. If you want more information on the data storage please click on these links.

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